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Educational Information and Resources

Caring for your pet is not just our responsibility, it’s yours as well. Only a well-informed owner can properly care for their pet. Wags & Whiskers Veterinary Service in Wiliamsfield, IL, has compiled a variety of useful information and resources for you as a pet owner.

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Annual Pet Wellness Exams

We believe in practicing preventative healthcare. To keep your pet happy and healthy, and living a long life, annual wellness exams are a must. At these visits, we can assess their overall health and possibly detect any issues or ailments before they become a major problem. We can also discuss proper pet care, and you can address any concerns or ask questions you might have.

Senior Pet Care

Just like with humans, elderly pets have special health requirements so they can continue to bring joy to their family. Annual wellness exams are incredibly necessary for older pets so we can run lab work to detect any health problems early, provide dental care, asses the overall health of your pet, and discuss the right diet for your aging animal.

Puppy and Kitten Care

Just like with an older animal, young pets also have special requirements when it comes to their health and food. At your first vet visit, you can expect to discuss proper nutrition, how to house train a puppy or litter box train a kitten, and develop a vaccination plan. Spay or neutering a young pet, as well as microchipping them, is also very important. Starting the new addition of your family off right with a complete physical exam is important to them living a long, healthy life.

Flea, Tick, Heartworm, and Intestinal Parasite Prevention

Parasites such as fleas and ticks can carry harmful diseases. Prevention is the best step to ensuring your pet doesn’t contract any ailments from these nasty parasites. We recommend using monthly prevention, or you can discuss other treatment options at your pet’s first exam.


Healthy teeth and gums are a very important part of your pet’s care. We advise regular oral cleanings to keep your pet healthy. Poor dental health can not only cause various disease, but can also affect their eating. Be sure to discuss your pet’s dental care at your next vet appointment so we can teach you the right way to care for your pet’s oral health at home.

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Williamsfield Veterinary Service Williamsfield, IL


At Wags & Whiskers Veterinary Service, we provide a variety of healthcare services to ensure your furry family member lives a long, healthy life.

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