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Taking Care of All Your Pet’s Needs

At Wags & Whiskers Veterinary Service in Williamsfield, IL, we take your pet’s health very seriously. Whether it’s a simple wellness exam or a complex surgery, we strive to do all we can to ensure your pet is healthy and their tail continues to wag with happiness!

Dental Care

Just like with humans, your pet’s dental care is very important. Even something as simple as “dog breath” can signal a bigger, more serious problem. We offer a variety of teeth and gum services for your pet to ensure good dental health. It is important that you continue to care for your pet’s teeth at home, and we can show you how to properly do this.


Vaccinations are ideal for protecting your pet from many deadly diseases. Our professionals will discuss the benefits of vaccinations with you, determine what your pet needs, and design a vaccination plan that is best suited for your pet.

Wellness Exams

Even when there is nothing wrong with your pet, routine checkups are a good way to ensure your pet stays healthy. Wellness exams are recommended annually for vaccine boosters, and a general check of your pet’s overall well-being. Senior pets should be seen twice yearly in order to catch disease processes and problems early.

Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy

Pregnant pets need constant care not only for their health, but also for the health of the unborn animals. We offer progesterone testing, pregnancy X-rays, and C-sections. We also offer traditional artificial insemination services as well as surgical artificial insemination services.


Unfortunately, pets can, and do, get lost, whether they’ve escaped their yard, broken their leash, or gotten scared by something and run away. The best way to ensure you get your pet back if found is a traceable microchip. The chip is implanted in a quick, non-surgical way. We highly recommend this for any pet, young or old.

Nutritional Counseling

Just like humans, pets should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. We can help you pick the best food for your pet’s breed, age, and activity level. We also offer a variety of prescription diets that can benefit your pet should it need a special food.


If your pet needs surgery of any kind, rest assured that Wags & Whiskers Veterinary Service utilizes the best, most up-to-date equipment and techniques. We discuss all steps of the surgical procedure and provide you with thorough postoperative care instructions.


We have all the necessary medications on hand for your pet, including antibiotics, pain medicine, and much more. Not only will you leave our office with whatever medicine your pet needs, but we will also provide you with clear, concise dosing instructions.

Pain Management

Regardless of the reason, no one wants to see their pet in pain, but medicine may not always be the answer. Our qualified staff is trained to recognize the signs of a pet in distress and together we will develop a pain management plan.


Losing a pet is the hardest part of pet ownership. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to make the difficult decision to end your beloved pet’s life. We can help you make the decision by discussing what options you have, especially if your pet is in pain. If you aren’t ready to say goodbye, but find that caring for your sick pet is overwhelming, we also offer compassionate care.

Boarding and Bathing

We offer boarding services for both cats and dogs. This is a nice service for pets that require medications or medical management while their owners are away. We also offer bathing services- both routine and medical management bathing.


Sometimes X-rays are a necessary tool to diagnose and treat certain ailments. We have a digital X-ray system which allows us to quickly view films and evaluate them.

PennHIP X-Ray

For dogs who are at risk for hip dysplasia, or for all dogs who may have hip issues, early intervention can be key. PennHIP X-rays are an excellent tool to determine a dog’s hip health.  Wags & Whiskers Veterinary Service is one of the few vets with PennHIP X-ray services available in the state. We offer same day results.

Referral Program

Our referral program consists of Free treats for a referred client's pet at their first visit. Then the referring client will receive a special surprise from us as a thank you.

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